Matthew Rana

Matthew Rana (b.1981/US) is an artist and writer living in Malmö, Sweden. His writing has appeared in Art-Agenda, Camera Austria, Jacket2, Kunstkritikk, OEI, and Frieze, among others. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam.


matthewrana [at] gmail [dot] com

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rhythm or rupture?


Bad Contemporaneity, interview with cultural theorist Sianne Ngai. Kunstkritikk

Cecilia Germain on the Political Power of Sleep, review of The Dream Keeper, Cecilia Germain at Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka (SE), 6 March–21 August 2021. Frieze

Diffuse Autobiography, review of Leila, Fatima Moallim at Växjö Konsthall, Växjö (SE), 16 April–22 May 2021. Kunstkritikk

Mudbound, review of New Grounds for Dutch Landscape, Lytle Shaw (OEI Editör, 2021). Kunstkritikk

Lea Porsager's Desire for Destruction, review of STRIPPED, Lea Porsager at Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE), 21 November 2020–16 May 2021. Frieze

The Language of Shamans, review of Worst-Case Scenario: Four Artists From Greenland, Elisabeth Heilmann Blind, Jessie Kleemann, Julie Edel Hardenberg, and Pia Arke at Lund Konsthall, Lund (SE), 6 March–30 May 2021. Kunstkritikk

Okwui Enwezor's Last Exhibition, report on Artforum & Sotheby's virtual panel discussion Grief and Grievance. Kunstkritikk

The Devouring, review of Ceija Stojka at Malmö Konsthall (SE), 30 January–18 April 2021. Kunstkritikk

Matters of Care, postscript to the Malmö Gathering, 'Editorial Meeting -- A Gathering Towards a Critique of the Contemporary'. Paletten

It's fact. It's rooted. It's standing, interview with artist Hanni Kamaly. Kunstkritikk

Review of Memory by Bernadette Mayer (Siglio Press, 2020). Camera Austria International 150/151

>>29 August 2020: Reading with Abulkarim Baderkhan, Signe Holm Pedersen, Priya Bains, and Bhanu Kapil, Destiny's (Oslo, NO)

G R G W R G R B R B R B W G W G R B B B B, reflections on Bernadette Mayer’s Studying Hunger Journals (Station Hill Press, 2011). Jacket2

Språkilga Õverflöd, essay on Helena Bennett's you don’t have to call me Merle Haggard (anymore) (The Birdcage Review, 1987). Collwood Villa No.7

An Imagination Battle, report on Migration Symposium, curated by Maria Lind, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö (SE), 24 January 2020. Kunstkritikk

Painting in a Time of Global Warming, review of Ghosts From the Future, Filled With Memories of Past, Merike Estna at Moderna Museet, Malmö (SE), 26 October 2019–26 January 2020. Kunstkritikk

The Limits of Friendship, review of Our Friend, Valerie Solanas, Ellen Cantor, Chiara Fumai, Pauline Oliveros, and Carole Roussopoulos & Delphine Seyrig at Signal Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö (SE), 20 September–15 December 2019. Kunstkritikk

When Everything Is Poetry, Nothing Is, review of Practicing Poetry, Ane Hjort Guttu at Virserum Konsthall (SE), 8 September–6 October 2019. Kunstkritikk

>>28 September 2019: In conversation with Christine Antaya and Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Inter Arts Center, Malmö (SE)

Riding Out Trends, review of the group show Three Moral Tales, Ana Jotta, Anne-Mie Van Kerkhoven, Joëlle de La Cassinère at Malmö Konsthall (SE), 15 June–25 August 2019. Kunstkritikk

Pop-Up Screw-Up, commentary on the group show Malmö Sessions, Ystadsvägen 22, Malmö (SE), 18 May–16 June 2019. Kunstkritikk

>>20 March 2019: How to Kill Darlings, with Bengt Adlers and Karolina Erlingsson, Moderna Museet Malmö (SE)

The Cult of Speed, review of Speed II, James Richards and Leslie Thornton at Malmö Konsthall (SE), 16 March–26 May 2019. Kunstkritikk

>>7 February 2019: Art Criticism in a New Public Sphere, with Frida Sandström and Josefine Wikström, Folk och Kultur (Eskilstuna, SE)

Opacity at the Bottom of the Mirror, review of History in Stitches, Britta Marakatt-Labba at Lund's Konsthall (SE), 17 November–13 January 2019. Kunstkritikk

A Taste of Heaven, review of Heaven on Earth, T.J. Clark (Thames & Hudson, 2018). Kunstkritikk

>>23 December 2018: Midwinter Day, with Ida Börjel, Jennifer Hayashida, and Steven Zultanski, Anti (Malmö, SE)

What Is it Like to Be What You Are Not? Rosemarie Trockel's Diverse Practice, review of The Same Different, Rosemarie Trockel, Moderna Museet Malmö (SE), 29 September 2018–10 March 2019. Frieze

Primavera (Staff Party), Destiny's Atelier (Oslo, NO), 16–18 November, 2018.