Matthew Rana

Matthew Rana (b.1981/US) is an artist, poet, and critic living in Stockholm. His writing has appeared in Art-Agenda, Camera Austria, OEI, and Jacket2, among others, and he is a regular contributor to Kunstkritikk and Frieze. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam.


matthewrana [at] gmail [dot] com


Ardour: Poems from the Daud, NION Editions, Autumn 2022


From Memory to Reproduction: The Cinema of Bernadette Mayer


Mara Lee's Monstrous Demand, review of Loving Others, Othering Love: On a Few Tropes and Emotions that Shape the Image of the Stranger, Mara Lee (Praun & Guermouche, 2022). Kunstkritikk

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>>15-16 September 2022: Experimental Writing in English (1945-2000): The Anti-Canon, Palace of the Academies (Brussels, BE)

Was Nancy Holt a Feminist or a Mystic? review of Inside Outside, Nancy Holt at Bildmuseet, Umeå (SE), 17 June 2022–29 January 2023. Frieze

>>20 April 2022: Symposium of the Network for New York School Studies, Université Gustave Eiffel (Champs-sur-Marne, FR) video

The Phantasmic World of Lap-See Lam, review of Dreamers' Quay, Dreamers' Key, Lap-See Lam at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (SE), 9 February–3 April 2022. Frieze

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